Val d'Angouire

Long aquatic and varied day, among the most beautiful canyons of the Verdon, very long and wild, particularly varied in the crossed mineral reliefs. This canyon has to be earned , a long but superb approach walk and it is necessary to have the chance to do it in the small period of the season where water flows (see also the latest outings in order to see more pictures). 
All these necessary conditions, makes it one of the most beautiful activities. 
Appointment: Parking of the service station while coming out of Moustier St. Marie in direction of La Palud sur Verdon. Timetable to determine (9:00 am) 
Shuttle: No, 1h30 of walk. 
Session length: 5/6 hours. 
Length: 3 km. 
Jumps: about ten until 9m according to the debit. 
Abseiling: 6 until 30m in a natural curiosity "the pear", an astonishing underground cave. 
Optimal period: April/May/June according to the years.


Pictures of the Canyon:

















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