La Lance

Long day, high mountain canyon, magnificent mountain river. The canyon is in the middle of the larch forest among raspberry-bushes and wild strawberry plants. 
The fresh and clear water dug a very dark gorge that we can reach thanks to big abseilings or/and jumps - some of which are particularly high. 
The picnic by a bridge made of wood overhanging a small beach is bucolic enough. Very sporty course - endurance required. 
Appointment: parking of the supermarket "SPAR" of St. André les alpes 9:00 or directly in Colmars-Les-Alpes at 9:45 am 
Shuttle: 20mins, 8 km track on ground. 
Session length: 6/7 hours 
Length: 3 km. 
Jumps: 20, from 3 to 18m. 
Abseiling: 8, from 5 to 25m. 
Optimal period: mid June to mid August (according to the weather conditions weather). 


Pictures of the Canyon:

















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