Siagne de la Pare

Long aquatic day, marvelous aesthetic and playful compromise, it is also a particularly varied canyon and raised in an imposing setting. 
Superb canyon according to the emerald water color - knowing that the water is coming from a reemergence, it is quite tonic during all the summer. It is a very wild canyon because of a long return access and walk (via cordatta) 
Appointment: Escragnole (06) at 9:00 am 
Shuttle: Hopeless. 
Session length: 5/6 hours. 
Length: 1,2 km (more the superior part of 600m) 
Jumps: 10, from 3 to 18m. 
Abseiling: 3 or 4 of less than 20m 
Optimal period: June/July/August.


Pictures of the Canyon:

























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