By definition, the event involves adaptation - we work all year long for various agencies of the region and we perfectly know the various activities and the sites adapted sites for this type of product.


Our aim is to help you to discover the particular site on which we intervene by the way of several, varied, flexible and combined activities allowing to satisfy each person.


Often, in order to adapt our intervention with all participants, we organize a common weft with options more or less intense, in order to keep the conviviality of the day.


Some sites allow to put together several activities without motorized transfers, while offering the possibility of picnicing (or bivouac) - we give priority to those sites.


However, some of our activities are mobile (zip wire, adventures courses in forest...) – we can also help for accommodation and transport.


An example: Bachelor party


Some sites on which we intervene frequently:


  1. Marseille Creeks, nautical rally, in association with the company Natrium http://www.natrium.fr/;
  2. Verdon Gorges, combination of vertical activities (zip wire, canyoning, abseiling) and white  water activities (raft, air-boat) - some junctions can be done with mountain bikes.
  3. Haut Verdon, combination of canyoning and baptisms of free falls in association with the company Aérogliss http://www.aerogliss.com/
  4. Ardèches and Camargue Gorges: varied activities http://muratti.adventures.free.fr/;
  5. Estéron, company trek including mountain bike,  giant zip wire, canyoning and bivouac.
  6. Annot, orientation race with vertical workshops.
  7. Estérel, Nice, association Sea kayak, jet-ski and via-cordatta – finishing in the sea stopping http://www.natrium.fr/.


The above examples are flexible on request according to your budget and sites you want to discover.


Short-lived adventure courses:

We are also specialists of adventures courses installation in forest, specially regarding events, we are frequently asked to install some for a reduced period  (day or half-day). We can quickly install and uninstall some worshops, with no damage to trees (see also our outings pictures).




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