If the Verdon Gorges have a world and historic renown regarding climbing, our region is plural on the subject. Annot, Aiglun and innumerable other sites will permit to everyone to express himself on all different types of rock (sandstones, limestone..) and in different styles: big ways, adventure land, initiation cliff, blocks..




  1. Initiation lesson

    In order to learn the element and the handling of the material, the first steps toward the autonomy, (cord, assuring, gesture, abseiling….);

  • Advanced training / Training

    For those who already climb and are autonomous, some personalized advices to progress (from resin to rock, trainings notions, rope handling, development of the gestural index, rhythm…) or merely in order to discover a new cliff;

  • Big ways 

    The gorges can seem quite inaccessible, we will help you to choose and reach the best ways. We can also provide our adventure land material or to allow you to climb the newest ways!!!;
  • Adventure land training courses

    We organize some training courses, notably regarding the preparation to the "list of races of climbing candidates monitors", these training courses don't only concern  future monitors but can give you a technical baggage to open your practice toward the adventure land or the mountain.  
    These training courses are also a good way to tackle in security (relative!!!) to the big "classic" itineraries of the gorges (see also in the news section).





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