Aquatic, aesthetic, wild and playful day, it is also a canyon particularly deeply embanked in an imposing setting and frequented by a few lucky visitors every year. 
The emerald water color conveys this superb canyon, it is the longest canyon that we propose. 
Spectacular ropes handlings from the arrival in the Verdon.

Appointment: Castellane -in our Office at 8:30 am or directly at the Artuby bridge (83) at 9:30 am. 
Shuttle: 5 min. 
Session length: 5/6 hours. 
Length: 4 km. 
Jumps: multitude, from 3 to 15m. 
Abseiling: 2 small and one of 30m. A zip wire to cross the Verdon. 
Optimal period: April / May. Stops to flow very suddenly.


Pictures of the Canyon:

















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