Main-Morte + swim up 13m cube

A difficult and long day as "La Lance" but more varied. 
Descent of a technical canyon (abseilings until 50m in “spider's web”)  but dry in the morning then, swimming up the Verdon against the current, passage of the Imbut by swimming (the Verdon is then subterranean), finally, going back up by a trail that looks like climbing (300m difference in altitude). 
This exercise requests a very bound group and an excellent physical condition (see our latest outings in order to see some pictures). 
Appointment: parking of the small supermarket "Huit à huit" of the Palud/Verdon, 9:00 am 
Shuttle: 10 min. 
Session length: 7/8 hours 
Length: 4 km. 
Jumps: 5/6 from 3 to 10m. 
Abseiling: 15 - including two of 25 and 50m spider's web. 
Optimal period: the whole season, but only days including the release water of the dam.


Pictures of the Canyon:




















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